Apple Watch Gets Blood Pressure Measuring Feature Years After Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 has had a blood pressure measuring tool since its release while Apple Watch has only recently introduced this feature to the market. In fact, Apple has been said to take a different approach to blood pressure measurement, not providing specific information on systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels. Instead, users only have access to the function that alerts them when their blood pressure increases.

While this may seem less exciting than Samsung’s features, Apple’s approach calibrates the function monthly with a traditional display screen. In contrast, Apple seeks to create a completely independent solution.

Apple also has research groups working to add non-invasive blood sugar monitoring features to its wearable devices. However, the feature’s release date has not yet been determined. Meanwhile, Apple seeks to improve support for third-party blood sugar monitoring devices.

Additional Health-related Features for Apple Watch


Prior to the release of the blood pressure monitor, the iPhone’s Health app will receive another update with additional health features such as sleep tracking, medication management, and new health features for women. The medical management section allows users to scan their medication and track adherence with reminders to take their medication.

In addition, Apple may release a body temperature sensor for its Apple Watch this year. Initially, it will only be used to help with family planning and ultimately to determine if a user’s body temperature is higher than normal. Like the blood pressure feature, it will not be able to display actual measurements.


Apple is also enhancing the vibration detection feature, calculating how often a person is in an atrial fibrillation state over a certain period. This feature is expected to appear in watchOS 9 in the coming fall season.

In its upcoming watchOS 9 update, Apple will also introduce a low-power mode which will allow the smartwatch to run some apps and features, albeit with limited functionality, while using less battery power.

Three New Apple Watch Models

Apple is expected to release three new Apple Watches this year, including a standard Series 8, a low-end SE model, and a “ruggedized” high-end model aimed at extreme sports enthusiasts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Samsung Galaxy Watch4 have blood pressure monitoring tool?

Yes, Samsung Galaxy Watch4 has a blood pressure monitoring tool but it will take until 2024 for it to be fully functional.

2. When will Apple Watch have blood pressure monitoring feature in the market?

Apple Watch is expected to have this feature in the market sometime in the future, but it’s not clear when.

3. What kind of features does Apple provide for blood pressure monitoring compared to Samsung?

Apple has its own way of providing blood pressure monitoring features, with a focus on alerting users when their blood pressure is high instead of giving specific systolic and diastolic numbers like Samsung does.

4. Will Apple Watch have a non-invasive blood sugar monitoring feature?

Apple is researching the addition of a non-invasive blood sugar monitoring feature for its wearable device, but no release date has been announced yet.

5. What other health-related features will Apple Watch have in the future?

Apple is planning on adding new health-related features to its Watch, including improved sleep tracking, medicine management, and women’s health features. It may also introduce a body temperature sensor for fertility planning and identifying fever symptoms.

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